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Sedan Model

Sedans Inventory

Take a look at our inventory of sedans. Our sedans are geared with a classic style while still maintaining top performance. These sedans are affordable and built for top tier performance.

SUV Model

SUV Inventory

Each of our SUV’s have been curated with a family like yours in mind. These SUV’s are sure to provide your family with a comfortable style whilst still having top performance. We have vehicles fitting families of all sizes in order to ensure that safety is our top priority.

Luxury Model

Luxury Inventory

Wanting the luxury experience but at an affordable cost? Take a look at our fleet of luxury vehicles that will ensure a luxury feel while also having top-tier performance. These pre-owned vehicles are handed down and designed with you in mind. Shop the luxury look today!

Reliable & Efficient Vehicles

Here at DDG we have on site hands that ensure our vehicles are prepared to wow our customers. We know your dream car is meant to take you places and we want to ensure they are condition to do such.

Affordable Pricing

It is a known fact that vehicles have become a huge means of transportation and so it is a goal of ours to help minimize the amount of individuals who don’t have them. We have an inventory that has a range of pricing to help accommodate our customers.

Great Customer Service

We have a desire to help our customer find their dream car. We know things get hard and a car can be a huge necessity. We are here, ready, and all smiles to service those in, near, and outside of our community.


Here at DDG we offer financing through a third party company. If you would like more information about this option please give us a call or come visit us at our location.

Welcome to DDG Cars!

DDG cars is located in Griffin,GA. This dealership was created to make buying cars more affordable and without all the hassle.





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